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Staff / Internal Pins


This article was written in response to questions regarding what I classify as Staff/Internal pins.
  • Why do I put some pins in this category?
  • What is the meaning of some pins?
  • There are a total of 27 pins which I put in this category, I identify these pins as:

    Department Pins

    • Ceremonies
    • Design
    • Environmental Design
    • External Affairs
    • Finance
    • Food Services
    • Headquarters Staff
    • Human Resources
    • I Was There (Post Event Breakfast)
    • Internal Affairs
  • Legal
  • Medical
  • Protocol
  • Public Information
  • Technology
  • Transportation
  • Uniforms
  • Volunteer
  • WCAB - Accomodations Bureau
  • WCSPC - Security Planning Committee
  • Event Pins

    • Christmas 1993
    • Concern / Concern II
    • The Grande Finale

    Prototype Pins

    • Ball (1) in center of squares
    • Balls (5)
    • Banner
    • Stars (4) + Ball (1)

    To the best of my knowledge, none of these pins were ever put on sale to the public. They were (mostly) handed out internally or some may have been given to the public but were not sold.

    Not sure why, but I like this group of more than any other WC USA 94 pins.


    PS - My credentials in regard to these pins.

    In June & July of 1994, I was a volunteer for 3 1/2 weeks at the Orlando venue. I worked in the Technology department where I was assigned to the Press Tent. We made sure that the Sun workstations were operational, showed the press how to use the applications, and answered their questions.

    I am also a personal friend of Farrukh Quraishi who was the Venue Executive Director, the head guy in Orlando.

    Department Pins

    Ceremonies Design Environmental Design External Affairs

    Finance Food Services Headquarters Staff Human Resources

    Internal Affairs Legal Medical Protocol

    Public Information Technology Transportation Uniforms

    Volunteer W C A B W C S P C  

    Comments on Department Pins

    Towards the end of World Cup USA '94, all workers (paid staff, contractor staff, business partner staff, volunteers) were given pins which represented the department in which they worked. Additionally, volunteers were given an additional "volunteer" pin.

    Ceremonies Opening, closing, pre-game, etc. - at every venue.
    Environmental Design  
    External Affairs  
    Food Services Feed the troops.
    Headquarters Staff  
    Human Resources Handling things for the paid and volunteer staff.
    Internal Affairs  
    Medical Arranged medical coverage: EMS, nurses, doctors at all games.
    Protocol Dealt with visiting dignitaries; especially FIFA "Monster Egos"
    Public Information Prepared press releases, held / ran press conferences, and dealt with the press representatives. Also, responsible for the volunteers stationed around the stadiums answering questions from visitors/spectators.
    Technology Mostly computers and networking.
    Transportation Volunteer drivers of dignitaries and VIPs.
    Uniforms Colthing for staff and volunteers.
    Volunteer Pin given to each volunteer. There were over 15,000 volunteers for the world cup.
    There are 2 additional versions of this pin which include: "1000 Hours" or "2000 Hours." Very rare.
    WCAB World Cup Accommodation Bureau
    The organizing committee formed a division known as World Cup Travel Services (WCTS) in March 1993 in order to better service the needs of the international visitor to the World Cup.

    Working in concert with WCTS is the WCAB, which will offer Sheraton Hotel rooms (official hotel of the 1994 World Cup), and other hotel room blocs held by the WCOC to commercial affiliates, tour operators, broadcasters, media, and others. The WCAB offers "one-stop" shopping, including accommodations at 800 hotels in the nine World Cup venue cities.

    WCSPC World Cup Security Planning Committee -
    (Assumption based on the following from the WC Guide)
    "A Security Planning Committee also was established in each venue with a number of subcommittees which include the primary local, state, federal and WCOC planners. This group meets on a periodic basis in each venue to effect the day-to-day planning, and on a quarterly basis nationally to exchange ideas and concepts."

    Event Pins

    Christmas 1993 Concern / Concern II I Was There The Grand Finale

    Comments on Event Pins

    Christmas 1993 These pins were given out at World Cup USA 94 office parties in December of 1993. They weren't official, not sure who paid to have them made, but after being laughed at for a while, they became popular.
    Concern / Concern II This was a series of two fund raising concerts held in Los Angeles. They were held to raise money for a country in Africa (can't remember which) that was having famine or other problems at the time.
    Possibly associated with Concern Worldwide. See for more informaiton.
    I Was There This pin was presented as a Thank You to staff at a post-event breakfast in Los Angeles.
    The Grand Finale Of course, this is related to the championship match and the closing ceremonies in Los Angeles. I put it in this category (Staff/Internal) because of the coloring.

    Prototype Pins

    Ball (1) Balls (5) Banner Stars (4) + Ball (1)

    Comments on Prototype Pins (formerly called "Nice" Pins)

    • I have no idea what to call these pins other than "Nice."
    • I have no idea why they were produced.
    • I have asked numerous people why they were issued and have never received an answer.
    • I put them in the Staff/Internal category because of their coloring which is similar to the department pins.
    • UPDATE: September 2015 - I have just been told that these 4 pins were prototypes that were never used. Prototypes are usually made in a quantity of 100 or so. This makes these pins somewhat rare. My thanks to Ric in Las Vegas.


    If anyone who reads the above information can provide comments, corrections, or additions, I would certainly appreciate it. Please email me: